Jeffery Robert Walsh

Full-stack web developer & screenwriter Vancouver, BC


Everyone's Ghosts (Comedy, 95 pgs)
A young metalhead must brave a bizarrely haunted hause, where his love mysteriously turned into a ghost and disappeared.
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Alien Too (Comedy, 35 pgs)
A mix-up sends two intergalactic travellers to...the other side of Earth, where they remain unaware of the mix-up and continue with their mission; infiltration of the 'alien spiecies.'
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What happens when the horse can't go on, but the race must be won?
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Best Instructor in Town
The best piano player in town might not be the best piano instructor in town...
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Comfortable Technologies

PHP7 HTML5 JS/ES6 CSS/SASS MySQL NoSQL Ubuntu Laravel Git Node Vue Vagrant Nginx Apache Webpack Gulp NPM Digital Ocean

Public Professional Projects

A suite of 1:1 educational apps for inter-classroom learning, and an administrative dashboard for teacher assessment.
Mais Software
Leading provider of rec center SaaS

Personal Projects

Several APIs twisted around to bring you the most recently uploaded video on YouTube, to the second. Refresh for what is now the most recently uploaded video... and repeat!
A repository for my all-original, completely-terrible jokes!